Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

Every Monday morning 10-12 ongoing "Discovery to Recovery" program.
On going support group for people wishing to explore and expand thier emotional growth and spirtual development. Psycho-education and group therapy.


November 2-4 "Spirtuality Of Waiting" based on Henri Nouwen's from "Loneliness to Solitude"

November 23-25 "Self, Sexuality and the Sacred" for couples wishing to explore the importance of self in the context of thier relationships to improve their spirtual attachment and sexuality. Based on Doctor David Scnarch's book "Passionate Marriage"

The first quarter of the new year

"Meanings, Values and Pupose" based on Doctor Victor Frankel's "Man's Seatrch for Meaning"

"Belonging" based on the Linn's book "Belonging"