Treatment centers

  • Edgewood Treatment Centre is the oldest premier treatment facility in British Columbia. It has a full time medical, psychiatric and therapeutic staff. It s located in Nanaimo and is accessible by ferry or plane. It is moderately priced.
  • Cedars Cobble Hill Treatment Centre is a new facility that is equal in treatment as Edgewood. It is located in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island between Victoria and Nanaimo. It requires more travel time from the mainland but very accessible from the island. It is moderately priced.
  • Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a men's facility located in Powell River. It also offers similar care as the other two facilities. It is more time consuming if traveling from the mainland, but does have an airport. It is moderately priced.
  • Orchard Recovery Centre executive or high social economic facility located on Bowen Island. It also offers similar care as the other facilities and offers other alternative care. Although it is on an island it is only a 20 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. It is higher priced than other facilities.

Treatment/recovery houses

  • Last Door is a men's only facility located in New Westminster. It's program is long term and clients have been know to stay up to a year. It is geared for younger cliental and chronic relapsers. It is very reasonably priced and will take welfare recipients.
  • Innervisions is a men's facility similar to Last Door, located in Maple Ridge. It is very reasonably priced and will take welfare recipients. It also offers job training.
  • Hannah House is the women's house associated with Innervisions. It is located in Maple Ridge. Its program is similar to Innervisions.
  • Turning Point has two facilities. One co-ed house in Vancouver and a men's house in Richmond. Turning Point provides long term sober living with some programming. It is generally used by individuals that have been to treatment before. It is very reasonably priced and takes welfare recipients.

Extended care facilities

  • Orchard Recovery Extended Care is an extension of Orchard Recovery Treatment Centre. It provides sober living accommodations for individuals that do not wish to return to the mainland. It moderately priced.