Spiritual and existential crises have been the focus of human development for centuries. It is often said that physical, emotional and mental maladies have an underling spiritual cause. Prior to the 20th century, with the advent of psychoanalysis, spiritual direction from the clergy was the way people managed these dilemmas.

Kathleen has always had a deep understanding of this natural human force. This understanding plus her own personal crucibles, has led her to venture on her own spiritual development. For 20 years she led the "Seasons Ministry" helping the poor in Los Angeles Watt area and the wealthy in Beverly Hills. She furthered her education in this discipline when she received her Masters through Regent College in Spiritual Direction, the first ever rewarded at this University. She has continued her development with training in Logo therapy, Imago Dei Ministry and recently further certification in Spiritual Direction at Cary College, studying under Rob De Cotes founder of Imago Dei Ministry.

Kathleen has walked beside hundreds of people struggling with immediate spiritual crises, ongoing spiritual development and indoctrinating those attempting this path for the first time. If you wish to explore your own path or just wish to have a few questions answered, Kathleen offers individual assessment, ongoing coaching and spiritual retreats. See her upcoming seminar calendar for further details or contact her directly for individual counselling.