• Alcohol and drug substance abuse
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviors
  • Eating disorders
  • Gambling problems

What is an addiction intervention?

The Encarta dictionary defines intervention as: " action undertaken in order to change what is happening or might happen in another's affairs, especially in order to prevent something undesirable."

At Kathleen Landry and Associates, a drug and alcohol intervention is the loving process into a troubled person's life to help motivate them to change and seek help. It is a process that begins long before the troubled person is even spoken to and continues long after the person seeks help. It involves the caring support of the troubled person's closest friends, family and business associates. It is a process that brings the person's "bottom up" rather than waiting for the person to "sink to the bottom."

But beyond getting the troubled person help, Kathleen is highly interested in the ongoing support of the family before, during, and after that actual addiction intervention event. The troubled person's destructive behavior did not take place overnight nor in isolation; everyone is affected and needs time to heal.

What an intervention is not:

  • Forced compliance
  • Shaming
  • Isolating
  • Attacking
  • Capture
  • Does not stop when the troubled person seeks help

Kathleen Landry MCS RCC has conducted hundreds of successful interventions in British Columnbia, Alberta and Washington State. She has carried out interventions ranging from drug abuse, sexual inappropriateness, compulsive gambling, over work and many more destructive behaviors. Kathleen is a Bowen Family systems therapist that believes that that addiction is a family disease that needs a family solution. Her gentle intervention process derived from her experience in family systems and the addiction intervention approach outlined by Debra Jay's book "No More Letting Go, The Spirituality Of Taking Action Against Alcoholism And Drug Addiction."

Selecting an appropriate treatment facility:

Kathleen has an excellent reputation with and a working relationship with a number of excellent treatment centers in British Columbia. Kathleen Has also worked with treatment centers in Alberta, Ontario and Washington, California, Florida and Minnesota. Click here for more info.

Kathleen will work with the family in recommending facility or work with the facility that the family may have chosen already.


The intervention itself is often no more than two hours. Prior to the intervention, there is significant behind the scenes time, effort and preparation required. Fees can be negotiated by the hour or flat fee. Interventions generally run from $2,000-$5,000 plus expenses. This is payable whether the intervention is successful or not. Please contact Kathleen for more details.