At Kathleen Landry and Associates we believe that in approaching addiction recovery a few basics guidelines must be followed.

  1. Addiction is the presenting issue. Addiction is the reason why someone uses destructively, not because they have underlying emotional issues. Remember "… the majority of the mental heath patients are not addicted…" (Addiction Treatment Magazine, 2005, volume 12 issue 5)
  2. The first step of treating addiction is getting periods of abstinence. Sometimes this requires outside resources such as, interventionists, detox centers, treatment facilities and/or, recovery houses and alternative approaches that help calm the addict. Return to addictive using is sometimes part of the recovery process.
  3. Managing the person's anxiety is the next step of the process. 12 step community support, Neurofeedback and sound therapy often help the individual deal with their anxiety.
  4. The family plays an incredible role in the addicted person's recovery.
  5. Recovery is a lifelong process, it is not an event.

With these issues in mind Kathleen deals with the addicted person in a variety of approaches.

  • Firstly Kathleen meets the client where they are. She will asses and work with the client at any level of their commitment: pre-contemplative, contemplative or ready for action.
  • Secondly Kathleen provides appropriate time for emotional processing, addiction education, family dynamics and information gathering.
  • Once this is completed, she determines a course of action for care, which may include a number of interventions: talk therapy, family counselling, addiction treatment, brain testing, SPEC scans, neurofeedback and/or sound therapy.

Sometimes the individual may not be prepared to accept help needed for their recovery. Often families seek out her skills as an interventionist. Click here for more information.